Does This Photo Mean Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Got Hitched?

Miley Cyrus does love to keep us guessing, so we shouldn't be all that surprised when she drops vague hints about her personal life. On Thursday night, that hint came via dad Billy Ray Cyrus' Instagram.
"I'm so are happy @mileycyrus," reads the caption of a pic of a camera showing a photo of Miley. She's closing her eyes in a blissful smile, and she's wearing...white.

I'm so are happy @mileycyrus.

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Almost immediately, Instagram followers came to this conclusion: "WAIT DID SHE GET MARRIED OR WHAT."
"Is this from the wedding or just a normal photo and we are dreaming here," wrote one.
Thus, the internet began to freak out over the possibility that Miley finally tied the knot with Liam Hemsworth.
The evidence in favor of that conclusion: That white peasant blouse looks just like what we imagine the free-spirited pop star would wear for a wedding (just before changing into something rainbow colored and sparkly for the reception, naturally). Also, normally prolific Instagrammer Cyrus hasn't posted anything in a whole week. When she did, one of her pics was a rather flattering shot of Hemsworth in a wetsuit, getting ready to surf.

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This also seems like the way she'd plan to release the info of her low-key wedding. If you look carefully, you can see Miley's reflection in the camera, indicating that she's the one who sent this photo to her dad. Since people are always asking the country singer about the status of his daughter's love life, why not have him make this announcement?
We also know that Hemsworth and Cyrus weren't planning a big wedding. Since they got back together in late 2015, they've seemed more intent on enjoying each other's company than making a big official deal of it.
"There’s not any planning [going on] right now," Miley's sister Noah Cyrus told Life & Style in December, adding that when the pair did get married, the nuptials would be, "Pretty chill, I'm sure."
On the other hand, Miley could just be teasing everyone. Several commenters on Billy Ray's Instagram seemed to think this was from a new video she was shooting. The possibility of new music may be just as (or more) exciting than news that she's settling down.

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