Teyana Taylor Had The Best Reaction To Sitting Behind Anna Wintour At NYFW

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
Anna Wintour is a public figure that transcends the realm of fashion editorial. Partial credit goes to The Devil Wears Prada, which was infamously suspected to have been inspired by the legendary editor; but, she has inspired other forms of media, too, from documentaries to comedy skits and even Kardashian Halloween costumes. Plus, she's easily (and almost comically) identifiable in a crowd by her always-structured bob, oversized sunglasses, and go-to Chanel tweed.
Wintour also happens to always be the first one in, and the first one out, at any fashion show — and, for many, a Wintour sighting is a rite of passage for working in the industry. No matter how jaded you might feel from fashion or how many followers you have on Instagram, it's still pretty exciting to see her sitting stoically in the front row. That excitement apparently extends to her celebrity counterparts, too: To commemorate International Women's Day, Teyana Taylor shared an image of her and Wintour, one of her "sheroes" — well, sort of.
A photographer captured the performer (and Kanye West muse)'s candid reaction to seeing Wintour at the Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week in February. As Wintour speaks with someone off camera, Taylor can't contain her excitement — and, honestly, who could?
If you're wondering what's going through Taylor's head as she excitedly covers her gaping mouth, don't worry: She laid out the scenario in the hashtags. "#IWasGoingCrazy," Taylor wrote, adding that Pusha-T, who was sitting next to her at the Yeezy show, was laughing at her (which you can't see, as Wintour's bob obscures the hip hop artist's expression). "YallKnowHowIFeelAboutAnna," she added.
Taylor herself has become one of the most-watched and most-anticipated Fashion Week attendees. Still, it's hilarious (and incredibly relatable) to see that she still gets psyched when she runs into people she looks up to. Oh, and Taylor confirms that Wintour's bob was as lit as in person as she'd hoped it would be. Can we just have Taylor do front-row dispatches at every Fashion Week moving forward?

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