Powerful Photos Of Empty Offices On "A Day Without A Woman"

Yesterday was International Women's Day, and it seems we proved our queen Beyoncé right: Girls do run the world.
On Wednesday, a lot of women across the country (and even the world) participated in the "A Day Without A Woman" strike, and left a trail of empty work spaces behind them.
The reasons why women decided to strike were as varied as they were symbolic: equal pay, immigrants' rights, reproductive rights; out of solidarity with those who couldn't join in, and even just to show support for women in general.
As with virtually any protest, the day was far from perfect. But it was a powerful showing of women's collective power and a strong sequel to the Women's March on Washington.
And as a man, what can you do when the women you work with are out of the office for the entire day? You snap pictures of the deserted spaces and post them to Twitter, of course.
The strike was only a small sliver of what the world might look like if all women decided to walk out and say, "Not today, patriarchy."
Imagine if every single woman in the country had gone on strike from both paid and unpaid labor yesterday. (Lest you forget, we make up 50.8% of the population.) Let's be honest: It would have been total madness. Even straight-up hazardous. The truth is that women play far too many crucial, life-or-death roles to truly disappear en masse, even for a day.
It also would have cost the U.S. a lot of money — $21 billion in gross domestic product, to be exact, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress. (And that study didn't take into account all the unpaid labor women perform every day or the industries where female workers make less money than their male counterparts. So the figure could potentially be higher.)
Women are integral to the fabric of society. The photos of these ghost offices and of demonstrations all across the country are a powerful reminder that it's time we start being treated as true equals.

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