Try To Watch This Video Of A Model Explaining Swear Words Without Laughing

Photo: Courtesy of Mario Testino+.
Just when you thought models were just paid for their looks, supermodel Doutzen Kroes came through and turned that idea on its head with a video that will make you laugh your ass off. In the short film, called 'Language Barrier' and shot by Tibor Dingelstad for Mario Testino+, and premiering exclusively on Refinery29, the Holland native teaches — or, at least, attempts to teach — viewers how to say a select few swear words and phrases in Dutch. The result is what you'd typically get from a beautiful European lost in translation (which is to say, the perfect balance of both humor and charm), but there's something about Kroes' delivery, and control of the camera, that makes it that much better.
"A lot of Dutch people are misunderstood sometimes when they're expressing themselves. Today, I'm trying to explain some sayings that the Dutch people have to make them clear once and for all," Kroes begins. For example, because even the Dutch aren't sure what's legal or not, one would say You saw it through the fingers when you test the law, which translates to one pretending they didn't see that you, in fact, just did something illegal. Or, perhaps our favorite: You have to fuck ants. Where does that one come from? "Everything is so precise, and the details are so important, so I'm an ant fucker," she explains. And when you indulge in your favorite dish, one could say It was like an angel peeing on your tongue. But be sure to Thank the cock for a lovely dinner after.
Okay, we won't spoil the rest for you. But it's safe to say Testino and Kroes are the undiscovered comedy duo we never realized we needed. The video acts as supplementary content to Testino's latest shoot for Vogue Netherlands' fifth anniversary issue, which features Kroes and model Lara Stone on the cover. Stone is Dutch, as well, which is why the two were chosen to front the magazine that celebrates love and Dutch models. Of his experience shooting the women, Testino said, "Dutch models are amazing as they have a kind of beauty that is so relatable, it touches most people. They have strong looks, but at the same time can be easily transformed, making them chameleon-like."
Same, Mario. Same. The shoot is just one of six shot by Testino, which can be found inside the 380-page issue that hit newsstands today, with more behind-the-scenes footage available on Mira Mira. Go ahead — watch the video above and have a good chuckle with Doutzen. And if you've got the gaul to call your friend an ant fucker the next time you guys hang out, let us know how it goes. Though, we don't suggest trying that one on a first date.

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