Estée Lauder Skipped The Unicorn Trend & Went Right To Goth Glam

There are very few beauty products that encourage you to rise from the dead of a makeup rut and emerge utterly inspired. You might think we’re going to name a holographic, unicorn-inspired lipstick here, but as much as we love them — and you know that we do — this story is far more edgy.
Whimsical trends may not be dead quite yet, but an unlikely brand is doing its best to usurp the trend du jour. Enter: Estée Lauder’s new Pure Color Love lipstick in finishes we did not see coming from the brand. The line includes four different finishes: matte, shimmer/pearl, chrome, and cream in just about every color you may expect — except three. We’re talking sultry nudes, bubblegum pinks, and classic reds — everything Estée Lauder is known for. But if you pay attention, there are three unique, magical hues you would never see coming. Plot twist: The brand made a sparkling navy, shimmery purple, and a ruby red that compete against Dorothy’s slippers — and they're gorgeous!
The futuristic sheen reminds us of a galaxy far, far away — and one that may or may not be filled with chic witches who love the disco, but also can't help but hold onto their gothic roots. Metallic sheens, loaded with glitter, and formulated with deep pigment only the brave would dare to rock may not be what we expected from the brand, but we're so glad they went there — and took us with them.
Click ahead to check out all three magical shades.

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