Nothing To See Here, Just A Chanel-Branded Rocket Lifting Off At Paris Fashion Week

Artwork by Meg O'Donnell
If there's one thing we know about Chanel shows, it's that Karl Lagerfeld and co. will transport their very chic guests to a fantasy fashion world without ever leaving the Grand Palais, thanks to an insanely elaborate, immersive set. There's always a theme: Previously, we've seen Paris Fashion Week attendees ravage the Chanel supermarket, innocently "gamble" at the Chanel casino, and get connected at the Chanel Data Center. Just when we thought Lagerfeld couldn't take this any further, he literally went out of this world for fall '17 — branded space rocket launch and all.
For one morning only, the Grand Palais was Chanel Ground Control — or, as the invitation read, 'Centre de Lancement No. 5.' Models circled a rocket ship bearing the famous interlocking C's, which, at the end of the show, "lifted up" as far as the glass ceiling of the venue would allow (to the tune of "Rocket Man," no less, according to The Cut). Apparently, Gabrielle Chanel's own fascination with astrology inspired this astronomy-themed collection: She reportedly believed in the constellation's influence, and would fill her home with lion motifs in honor of her zodiac sign, Leo.
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
The Chanel version of a space suit is metallic, coated in glitter, and fashioned out of tweed. There was a retro-futuristic feel to the autumnal looks: the '60s silhouettes of the boxy mini-dresses combined with spacesuit collars, the modern statement chokers worn with goggles, and the shimmery cap-toe go-go boots seen throughout. Grey tweed and bouclé transitioned into silver-paneled shearling jackets, shiny outerwear, and reflective shorts, truly showing the range of what a very chic space explorer's wardrobe could look like. Zenon would definitely approve.
There was a continuation of the star-inspired twinkle trend we've seen at other Paris Fashion Week runways this season. Most notably, there are the glittering pirate boots Rihanna already snatched from the Saint Laurent runway, and the swirling constellation-embellished blue gowns at Dior. At Chanel, this was featured as part of the show's closing series: black, sparkly gowns adorned with twinkling crystals and finished off with tulle skirts and even feathers.
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
On Instagram, though, there was but one moment that captivated and probably confounded those in attendance was the finale: As the show drew to a close, Lagerfeld arrived on the Chanel launchpad to take his bow and pushed the button for lift-off — which, to the surprise of nearly everyone, actually fired up the enormous space rocket. Yes, that really happened.

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Chanel’s shows are always full of surprises — but this was still one of the most mind-blowing finales we've seen in a while. And now, all those ultra-elite folk thinking about space tourism have the wardrobe to pack with them.

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