Luke Pell Wants You To Know That His Life Post-JoJo Fletcher Is Just Fine, Okay?

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After it was announced that Nick Viall would be the new lad doling out roses on The Bachelor this season, many fans weren’t impressed. Host Chris Harrison (and producers) had some explaining to do. After all, contestant Luke Pell was the man fans were hoping for. Whatever happened to the dreamy war veteran with that faraway look in his eyes? Elite Daily caught up with the 32-year-old during the iHeart Radio Music Awards Sunday night — and he had loads to share.
On advice for current contestants:
“The biggest challenge I think in the whole thing is staying true to yourself…don’t lax your standards. Be who you are all the way through, and always look for the right person.”
On whether or not there were any contestants he could see himself with this season:
“You know, I don’t know. I’ve met a few of the people from this season so far and there are a lot of great women on there, but... It’s hard for me to tell unless I’ve spent time with people and gotten to know them as a person.” Aww, how very PC of you, Luke.
The ex-contestant also got candid about how much his life has changed since the show. While he seems to be content working on his music and whatnot, Pell admitted that he’s still single. He also shared that his dating life post-JoJo Fletcher has been difficult. “It’s a lot more complicated after you come off the reality show, because so much is in the public eye, so many people are watching and judging who you date and why you date them, and then you’re trying to figure out if the person that you’re dating, what their incentive for dating you is, so it becomes a little bit more complicated.”
Speaking of Fletcher, she also made an appearance at the awards ceremony, and as we’d expect, there’s nothing but good vibes between the two. “She’s great, I think they’re happy...her and Jordan, I get along with them great.”
Thank goodness there’s no bad blood between the two.

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