A New Chrome Extension Will Get You Out Of Any Conversation

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If you've ever silently pleaded for someone to call you so you didn't have to sit through another awkward conversation, the Chrome extension Nope is here to the rescue. When you want to extricate yourself from an encounter without interrupting anyone, Nope will prompt your phone to provide the interruption you're desperate for, Mashable reports.
You just download the extension, add your phone number, click the "nope" button when you want it to ring, and pick up the phone as if you weren't expecting it. Don't forget to "look extra apologetic as your phone goes off in front of them," the extension's site advises.
Don't worry — you won't have to sit there and make up a conversation all by yourself. A voice on the other end will give you instructions. First, it says, "on the count of three put your hand to your mouth as if you're hearing bad news." If the person hasn't left you alone and you've still got it up to your ear, it'll then say, "repeat these words after me in a serious and concerned tone: 'Yes of course I can talk now, what's the matter?'"
The only limitation is that you'd need to be in front of your computer, and you'd have to go out of your way to stealthily press the button while the person you want to escape is talking. Nope advertises itself as ideal for work situations, but even if you're already behind your computer at your desk, you'd still have to look away from your coworker and potentially come off as rude.
If the extension's creator Breather can find a way around that issue (maybe by making it an app instead, so you could pretend to be checking the time, and then get a call?), Nope could have even more useful applications. It would be amazing for those Tinder dates that start going downhill the moment you sit down. Or, if you're like Abbi on Broad City, you could use it to redirect awkward conversations with your crush toward even more awkward conversations with an imaginary listener (though we wouldn't recommend saying things like "well, my laundry is in the bag! What do you mean, stains are on it?").
Whether or not we get the chance to try out the extension, we will make a mental note of the phrase "Yes of course I can talk now, what's the matter?" because those just may be the magic words to get people to leave us be.

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