This Realistic Everyday Makeup Tutorial Speaks To Our Souls

If the average beauty vlogger on YouTube is to be believed, then a reasonable everyday makeup look involves, at the bare minimum, five complexion products, two highlighters, five brushes most of us didn’t even know we needed, and a full-on smoky eye. (In shades of taupe and brown, of course, to make it wearable for the 9-to-5.) And while watching influencers do their thing is one of our favorite ways to kill time, our own morning beauty routines don’t quite stack up to theirs — and that’s fine by us.
But finally, someone came along and made a genuinely realistic makeup tutorial… if you can even call it that. Really, it’s less like a how-to and more like looking into a mirror, only funnier. Watch for yourself:
The video, which has now been posted in a few places, has more than 20 million collective views. And that’s because the Australian comedian and radio host behind it, Tanya Hennessy, perfectly captures what it’s like to know what you’re doing, but only kind of... You understand how the mascara goes on, you know which brush to use, and maybe you even read somewhere that applying balm over lip liner is a great way to get long-lasting color that doesn’t look dry. Chances are, you probably also have a few items that you only bought because a pretty salesperson with perfect makeup wouldn’t let you leave the store without them.
She keeps it real— all the way down to the last few seconds of the video, where she shows that, makeup mastery or not, she can still fish-gape with the best of ‘em. Never change, Tanya. Never change.

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