The Internet Is Losing It Over One Man's Mad Makeup Skills

My last boyfriend wouldn't have dared do my makeup. Not because I wouldn't let him, but because he had no interest. (All he wanted to do was laugh at my obsession over the Urban Decay Naked Palette and make me mixtapes.) Luckily, we can all live vicariously through the countless YouTube tutorials that show men recreating (or narrating) their partner's beauty routines. And the latest couple sending the internet into a tizzy: Jade Hydaria and her S.O., Curt Rendle.
Hydaria, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, challenged Rendle to do her makeup for the day, on-camera. To most of the internet’s surprise, he totally nailed it. Her brow game was strong, her eyeshadow was seamlessly blended, and her lipstick was precise as ever. It was a masterpiece from a novice.
Hydaria posted a quick clip of the video to her Instagram (the full version is available on YouTube) in late February, with a sweet caption that read, “So I let my baby @rocknrendle slay my makeup today. I can’t believe how good he did bc I did not help him." Seems simple enough, right? Unfortunately, people flooded her comments section with less-than-complimentary words for the clip, forcing Hydaria to react to the trolls attacking not only her boyfriend, but her entire relationship.
The 26-year-old updated her caption to say, “I HATE explaining myself bc I don’t have to but I NEED to say: so many of you men have such fragile masculinity that you can’t understand that we did this for fun. I am a professional Make-up artist and wanted to see him do my art.” Luckily, the haters were quickly overshadowed by an influx of support from Insta-fans and followers. One user wrote, "This is sweet!! He did so good!! #beautifulcouple ❤" Another added, "I've watched it like 35 times lol. He does her make up better then I do mine ?? luv this."
Yahoo Beauty caught up with Hydaria, where she talked openly about the negativity. “I stopped caring after the first day or two...I think people are insecure and have never been loved, so when they see true love, they don’t recognize it. I take the negativity with grace, and I appreciate all of the love immensely,” she told the online publication. A few weeks later, Hydaria maintains that she and Rendle have zero regrets about posting the video.
If you want to see the tutorial in its entirety, press play to watch below.

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