The Best Video Challenge Since Boyfriends Putting On Makeup

Makeup is a mystery to the uninformed. Good luck trying to get your S.O. to understand the difference between blush, bronzer, and highlighter. But that doesn't mean we won't keep trying, because the conversation that follows is just too good. We're not the only ones who think so because the fan-favorite video challenge of boyfriends putting on makeup has been updated to new levels of hilarity: My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover. And, of course, Jenna Marbles — whose "100 Layers of Makeup" video had us crying — blessed us all with her take. Marbles' boyfriend provided the voiceover for her full makeup tutorial with little to no knowledge of what the hell she was doing. Case in point: He thought highlighter was mustache wax. Sure, why not? Look, we get it, makeup application can be a bit complicated — we might even agree that drawing a stick of kohl on your waterline is “easily the worst thing, ever, in the world.” Still, we're grateful for the nine minutes of hilarious footage that came out of Jenna's guy being game to lend his voice to the cause. Check out the video above and watch him try his hardest to narrate Marbles’ full makeup regimen. PSA: that “ball of foam” is not edible — unless you’re Buddy The Elf.

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