How To Do Your Makeup, According To This Beauty Vlogger’s Drunk Boyfriend

Photo: Courtesy of Casey Holmes.
Makeup tutorials by beauty experts can be as fun to watch as they are informative. But as it turns out, they're even more fun when said experts' intoxicated boyfriends get in on the action. For proof, look no further than this video shared by Allure, in which vlogger Casey Holmes gets some help with a video from her significant other. It's obvious the dude knows nothing about makeup, but he sure makes a valiant effort. Here's a snippet: "We're gonna add a little bit of eye stuff to make my eyes ready to go. And then we're gonna tape them up so that we add the lines, and we're not gonna go outside those lines. So, we're gonna brush in some skin colored stuff to make a good foundation, and then we're gonna brush in some other skin... huh? Yeah." That's pretty much how that entire thing goes. But knowing that should not deter you from watching, because it is so worth all seven awkward minutes of your time.
If you still can't get enough, check out Jenna Marbles' drunk boyfriend's makeup tutorial, which includes the instructions: "Put it directly in your eye for enhanced night vision."

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