Emma Watson Claps Back At People Who Think She Can't Pose Topless & Be A Feminist

If you're not sure what feminism is, but you think it precludes a woman showing any part of her body she wants to then Emma Watson is here to set you straight.
In a video interview published by The Telegraph from her Beauty and the Beast press tour, Watson addresses the backlash she got from certain people who do not understand feminism about a photo in her Vanity Fair cover story, in which she posed topless with a Burberry shrug over her shoulders. Apparently that precludes her from being a feminist in the eyes of...well, frankly, we aren't sure who. Not us.
"Feminism is about giving women choice," Watson said, looking agitated. "Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women."
She's exactly right. As a feminist, you may dress how you wish. Oh and by the way: women's bodies are not a shameful sight. We can and will expose as much or as little of them as we wish.
Watson continues, explaining that feminism is about empowerment and individual choice. She seems flustered that her freedom to choose what to do with her own body would be somehow stacked against the idea that she's a feminist — or that people would think those things work in opposition to each other.
"I'm always just quietly stunned," she said, as her co-star interrupts her to ask what people were saying about her. "They were saying that I couldn't be a feminist and have boobs," she responded.
Watch the interview below and stay woke.

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