This 19th Century Artist Technique Is Now A MAJOR Beauty Trend

The first iterations of pointillism emerged way back in 1886, when artists covered their canvases in small dots of color rather than sweeping strokes. Up close, the paintings looked like a smattering of tiny, distinct dots, but take a few steps back, and a distinct image would form. Now, over a century later, artists all around the globe have adopted the technique, and some with a small twist. That's right, the latest interpretations aren't on blank canvases — they're on eyelids.
We're talking teeny dots on the lashline to create delicate cat-eyes, singular specks under the lower lashes to create a doe-eyed effect, heck, even random patterns all over the face that turn the eyes into veritable works of art. The method has become so popular that brands have even come out with tools to make dotting the face even easier.
We caught up with Priscilla Ono, celebrity makeup artist and creative ambassador to Flirt Cosmetics to walk us through "pointillism makeup." Check out all of our favorite ways to wear the trend ahead, along with a few products to help you get there.

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