Kal Penn Channels Kellyanne Conway In This Hilarious Photo

Kellyanne Conway set the internet on fire when she was captured in an insanely casual pose during a meeting between Donald Trump and presidents of historically Black universities and colleges (HBCUs) at the Oval Office.
Conway was checking her phone after snapping a photo of Trump and the HBCU presidents, but her seeming disregard for the Black men in the room ignited a firestorm of controversy. Here's the photo in question, if you haven't already had it seared into your memory.
Defenders of Conway will say that she was sitting that way because she had just taken a photo. Others will say that's a weird way to sit to take a photo. Still others will wonder how we're three deep in this strawman conversation and still nobody has talked about the lying media and their fake news. The third strawman is a jerk, if you hadn't noticed.
Now, Kal Penn has used the Oval Office set on Designated Survivor to reenact the now-iconic pose. Here.
Reactions to the photo have been mixed. Some have called Penn "a champion among rational adults." Others have called him out for mocking people he doesn't like on social media.
We think that the post is funny but not hilarious. A perfect and perfectly disposable bite-sized piece of content to be devoured and forgotten. On the list of Conway's sins, this is pretty low. Although it is a weird way to take a photo. Like, couldn't she crouch? And isn't there an official White House photographer? She could just ask the guy with the DSLR that took her photo to send her the picture. That's a maximum 20 minute wait time. Conway couldn't resist the siren song of content. We've all been there. But get your feet off the couch.

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