Watch A Grandma Get A Huge Surprise In This Hilarious Video

Photo: Getty Images.
There's no shortage of fun and creative pregnancy announcements out there, but a Utah couple might have just taken the cake.
Tannin and Katie Pease understandably decided to keep Katie's pregnancy a secret for a while, following several miscarriages, The Huffington Post reports. They have two sons already, and initially decided to keep the secret until after they learned the baby's sex. That eventually escalated into keeping the pregnancy secret until the day she gave birth.
The couple officially announced Katie's pregnancy to family and friends via a Facebook Live video while they were in the hospital. If you listen carefully, you can hear the heart monitor beeping in the background.
Of course, after a few months the fact that someone is pregnant becomes pretty obvious, so Tannin and Katie weren't able to keep the secret from everyone. Katie's family who lives close by knew as did a few other friends and family who saw her after she started showing. But they were able to keep one essential person out of the loop: Tannin's mom.
The couple told her the day before Katie was scheduled for induced labor — which happened to be the grandma-to-be's birthday.
The video they posted of her reaction has since gone viral and rightfully so — it's hilarious.
“She was ultimately excited, and she told me later that she was ‘elated,’ and that it was one of the best birthday presents she has ever had," Tannin told The Huffington Post.
Katie had baby Saul on February 20 and the whole family — grandma included — are ecstatic.

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