Taylor Lautner's Grape-Catching Skills Are Better Than Any Twilight Film

If you didn't have a teensy-tiny crush on Taylor Lautner before, you will now. Even the most devout #TeamEdward fanatic has got to cop to at least having a dash of newfound respect for the artist formerly known as Twilight shapeshifter Jacob Black.
Lautner stole the show during last night's "Hidden Talents" segment on the The Late Late Show, though he did have some stiff competition. Host James Corden first invited recent Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield to showcase his secret skill, which was to perform a backflip while dressed in a Chas Tenenbaum-style red track suit. We'd like to think it made Emma Stone's heart skip a beat.
Next up was model Kendall Jenner, who turns out to be an excellent imitator of bird calls. Take a bow, Kendall.
Speaking of women who can impersonate white winged doves, rock legend Stevie Nicks was next to show off a talent. Nicks, who introduced herself as "Stephanie" and joked that she was a "struggling singer" who was "reborn" in San Francisco, has a knack for baton-twirling, despite accidentally whacking herself in the head at one point.
It was all very impressive, but nothing prepared the crowd, or Corden, for Lautner and his ability to catch grapes in his mouth when they're thrown from "any distance or velocity." As far as talents go, it's pretty useless. And yet, it's so entertaining to watch.
To prove Lautner's claim, Corden grabbed a bowl of purple grapes and lobbed one from a modest distance. Sure enough, Lautner caught it in his mouth. Corden moved farther away, with the same result. Then he really moved back, joining the studio audience at a seemingly impossible distance. Lautner had to do some running, but, sure enough, he got that damn grape. We have never seen James Corden so delighted. Bravo.
Watch the video below to see the gymnastics and grape-catching go down.

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