Your March Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Earth to TRAPPIST-1! Could you please beam us up? The Pisces sun fuels our escapist urges until March 20 — and let's be honest, who among us hasn't been fantasizing about distant galaxies where human rights aren't assaulted by the powers-that-be on a daily basis? But since 39 light years away is a bit too far for a spring break, we'll have to settle for designing our own "sanctuary states" within our communities and our own minds. Pisces Season is about comfort, compassion and safety. Creating better boundaries may be part of the plan, especially if any energy vampires have manipulated their way into our lives. Enact a zero tolerance policy for toxic people. And make a point of doing more to promote serenity: yoga, meditation, outdoor exercise. A common stress response among women is to "tend and befriend," which is very Pisces. Nurture your loved ones and commune with caring people. In March, this will keep you strong enough to #resist.
That said, our fighting spirits won't be tucked too far away. Five heavenly bodies visit Aries in March — including love planets Venus and Mars. Warrior Mars moves in to Taurus on the 9th, which could bring relief from all the combative orders and aggression we've felt from Mars in Aries since January 28. Venus will be in Aries all month, but on the 4th, she'll pivot into a six week retrograde. Spring fever could be a bit delayed — or dulled — until April 15. But the good news is Venus' backspin in Aries gives us a chance to build out our self-love and inner confidence, even if we do need more space.
March is bookended by two Jupiter events. The outspoken planet is currently flowing through Libra, the sign of peace and justice. Although Jupiter is retrograde, his backspin is forcing us to review legalities and breaches that were glossed over in late 2016 and early 2017 (cough, Russia). On the 3rd, revolutionary Uranus will light a fire under Jupiter while secret-keeper Pluto will clash with Jupiter on the 30th. Both of these connections can bring hidden information to light. And it's going to be more shocking than we think! Buckle up.

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