Sarah Silverman Chose Her Career Over Children Because As A Woman She "Had To Decide"

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Sarah Silverman is known for being downright hilarious on stage, but on Monday night she decided to get serious. The 46-year-old took to Twitter to talk about motherhood, and how she felt that she need to choose between having kids or a career.
"As a comic always working & on the road I have had to decide between motherhood & living my fullest life & I chose the latter," the thread begins. "Men don't have to do that. I'd so love to be a fun dad, coming home from the road & being my best fun dad self."
The note, she says, was just a little "fuck all y'all" because being a women requires so much sacrifice.
"And I ❤️ my comedian brothers that acknowledge this truth," she concluded. "They're my family & for a lot of us women comic sisters, our only family."
Some fans were concerned that Silverman was "mother shaming," but really, she was just expressing that living her own life to the fullest meant not having kids. Her choice applies only to her specific journey and career, and it's a situation that a lot of female comedians find themselves facing.
Instead, Silverman has made a family of her own. The comedian is madly in love with actor Michael Sheen, and is close with his daughter with ex Kate Beckinsale, Lily. The three regularly joke around together.
"Look your father and I make sweet mature love ok??" Sarah once said to Lily on Instagram. "I need you to accept and also constantly imagine that."
She balances her own unique family with her career, as well as her interest in politics. She strongly advocated for Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. She also recently overcame a freak disease that could have killed her.
Read her full statement on motherhood below.

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