Ashley Tisdale Responds To Hater Who Said She Looks Pregnant

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It's moments like this when I think: Dear Lord, it would really, really suck to be a celebrity. For those in the public eye, the criticism just never seems to stop. No matter how your body looks, someone is going to make a snarky comment — like, say, suggesting that you're pregnant just because your stomach sticks out ever so slightly on the red carpet.
Ashley Tisdale knows the pressure well, and she's really, really over mean comments. After all, when the singular purpose is to gnaw at someone's self-esteem, why stay silent?
As reported by Perez Hilton, the Young & Hungry producer went to Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party, rocking a gorgeous blue dress. Tisdale looked stunning in her gown, but apparently her confidence was cut down when some trolls on Twitter dared to suggest Tisdale looked "pregnant." The High School Musical actress decided she would have none of that bullshit, and clapped back with poignant message on Twitter. She wrote:
"The pressure to being perfect is a struggle.No im not pregnant,I'm just happy and haven't been strict on my diet but thanks for the reminder"
In a bizarre twist of events, the hater who allegedly made the pregnancy comment confessed to the cruel words. User @TotiAshley wrote:
"@ashleytisdale im the one who said that you are pregnant!! I saw your body last night you were different! But i adore u no matter what"
They then added:
"@ashleytisdale i saw your body & got worried that you're not ok! Then i thought that u might be pregnant!!"
Uh, okay, then.
Regardless of the intention behind the comment, the situation is just another example of how women, particularly — though not exclusively — famous ones are constantly criticized for how they look. A person gaining a little bit of weight shouldn't be news — our bodies change just as our lives do. Tisdale's body is not here to be critiqued; not by snarky jerks on the internet or even her own "concerned fans." Because really, Tisdale has more important things to worry about than what you think of her stomach.

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