Here's Why People Will Be Talking About Today's Google Doodle

Photo: Courtesy of Google.
Much like last month's Google Doodle honoring civil rights activist Fred Korematsu, today's Doodle will resonate far beyond the search engine's homepage. That's because the man featured, Abdul Sattar Edhi, was a philanthropist and humanitarian whose work takes on extra significance in today's political climate.
Edhi, who passed away last summer, would have been 89 today. Although he was born in India, Edhi lived much of his life in Pakistan, where he became known as the "Angel of Mercy" for his charitable efforts and concern for the wellbeing of others.
"Among numerous other philanthropic endeavors, Edhi established the Edhi foundation in 1951, which helps provide assistance such as much-needed shelter, medicine, education and other life essentials to individuals in Pakistan and several other countries around the world," Perla Campos, a Google Marketing Lead, told Refinery29 in an email. "Edhi's spirit of giving and humanitarian efforts are qualities that inspired us to celebrate and honor him on the Google homepage."
The Edhi Foundation came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina survivors, has rescued thousands of abandoned infants, and runs welfare centers throughout Pakistan. The Foundation's motto reflects the philosophy of its selfless founder: "Live and let live."
Trying to represent Edhi in one illustration wasn't easy. "Given that his legacy is so impactful, I knew that I wanted to tell a story, but hitting upon just a singular element seemed a disservice to his memory," Google doodler Melissa Crowton told Refinery29 in an email. Instead, Crowton chose depict various elements of his work: An ambulance, open book, and woman and child depict his work in healthcare and education.
If you want to commemorate Edhi's legacy, it's easy. As Google's Doodle blog advises, "Let's all lend a hand to someone in need today."

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