We Need You To See This Beluga Whale Crashing A Wedding

This beluga whale is blowing up after photobombing an aquareum wedding. The wedding was taking place in Mystic, Connecticut. So apparently you had better go to this aquarium if you want a whale to pop up in the back of your photos. If your wedding doesn't go viral, after all, it's like you never got married at all. We're going to just cut to the chase and you the whale. This is what you came for.
Fortunately, the beluga was posed excellently and in perfect position for the photobomb. Unfortunately for the couple, the beluga is only the second most formal whale. The most formal is the killer whale, which they really should have arranged for if they wanted to make an impact. Fortunately, the beluga is the goofiest whale. So maybe theylucked out. Who are we to say. We're just humble consumers and reporters of content.
The whale was good and inspired Reddit to start a Photoshop battle. The Photoshops, like the original whale, are also good.
The animal photobomb is a classic genre, and this writer at least was surprised but not stunned to learn about aquarium weddings. The aquarium definitely raises the chances of an adorable photobomb situation, but would you hold a wedding at a petting zoo? The petting zoo would arguably allow for more photobomb possibilities and would also allow you to pet animals. Petting fish is nice and all, but it's not nearly the same. Also, having a goat around would automatically make the reception several times more memorable. "Did you go to the Johnsons' wedding?" you might say. "They had a goat."
A beluga is nice, though.

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