This Guy's Attempt At A Hook-Up Is A Reminder To Always Check Who You're Texting

Always, always double — nay, triple — check to make sure that you are indeed texting who you meant to text. It may seem obvious, but apparently, it's a message that bears repeating. Especially for this guy, who sabotaged his own attempt at hooking up with a girl.
Twitter user @killermarecat, a.k.a. "tired girl," tweeted a screenshot of a text message exchange between her and a boy, who hit her up with the eternal "wyd" text.
After a short back and forth with her, the boy seems to think he's texting a buddy about his intentions for a hook up. Spoiler alert: He wasn't texting said buddy.
"Can I come over? I'll bring u chocolate," he wrote.
"Yah u remember which dorm?" she asked.
But that's when this guy got a little too cocky (pun intended).
Aside from making the classic error of speaking too soon, this guy spoke too soon and to the wrong person. Judging by that "Don't come over" text, we can probably rest assured his hubris (and carelessness over iMessage) pretty much killed his chances of getting laid. With a text like "Bout to get BALLS DEEP BRO," we really can't blame her.
And unfortunately for him, he didn't even have a smooth save to back him up.
Instead, he had a self-pitying follow-up text after discovering that the exchange had gone viral on Twitter.
Suffice to say, this guy is the texting equivalent of this GIF.

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