This Is What Happened When A Weed Dealer Accidentally Texted A Teen’s Mom

If you're going to change your number, don't forget to give all your contacts a heads-up. And if you're going to switch numbers with anyone, maybe don't make that person your mother. According to Mashable, 15-year-old Christian learned this lesson the hard way after switching phones with his mom and forgetting to tell one extremely crucial contact — his weed dealer. His older sister, Anna, tweeted an exchange between their mother and Christian's dealer, which includes what might be the smoothest save of 2016.
"Need bud?" the dealer texted. "My son no longer has this number. Does he need what?" Christian's mom replied. "Bud. A buddy," the dealer replied, playing off the mishap as cleanly as possible. "I heard he lonely af." Though their mother wasn't sure what "bud" actually meant at first, Mashable reports that she figured out that it was slang for marijuana after Anna told her, as any older sibling would. This weed dealer's smooth save may not have been entirely successful in the end, but you've gotta give him credit for being so quick on his feet.

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