Could This Weekend's Eclipse Mean Big Things For You?

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Brace yourselves for a celestial double-whammy this weekend, stargazers. Maybe you've already marked your calendars for the new moon, but we're heading for the final eclipse of February this Sunday, too.
This eclipse, known as an annular eclipse, will only be visible in parts of South America and Africa, where a "ring of fire" will appear instead of the sun. Due to the new moon, the moon will seem smaller than the sun and won't appear to cover it completely (as in a total solar eclipse). This partial eclipse will leave only a thin, bright ring from the sun.
Just as the lunar eclipse we saw earlier this month complemented the full moon, this eclipse will do the same with the new moon. In astrology and nature-based faiths, the new moon represents rebirth and signals changes to come. You might take this literally (since, you know, a new month usually follows the new moon) or you might take it as a chance to emotionally prepare yourself for upcoming events in your life.
Beyond that, the Astrotwins noted that this annular eclipse will coincide with the end of Pisces season and the end of the month — do you feel like Mother Nature is knocking you over the head with signs of change, or is it just us?
So, while this is a good time to plan ahead, don't pass up this opportunity to incite changes in yourself, either. If there have been challenges at work or in your relationships, check in and see if there's anything you could do to make these problems more workable. When was the last time you tried a difference point of view on for size? Eclipses present us with the opportunity to try out approaches we wouldn't normally consider — who knows, taking a wholly different approach might be the thing that helps you tackle your problems head-on.
Bear in mind, however, that eclipses play the long game. Unlike, a Mercury retrograde, the effects of which you feel almost instantly, you might not feel this eclipse and its influences for a few months. So, think of the work you do this weekend, whether you're making to-do lists or flipping your perspective, as a major investment for the future. You just might thank yourself by the time May rolls around.