Jonathan Cheban Spent His Birthday Weekend Body-Shaming A Blogger On Instagram

Nothing says "Happy 43rd Birthday!" like body-shaming strangers on Instagram!
Everyone's favorite food blogger is in some hot water after coming out as a verified Internet troll — and during his own birthday week, no less. Jonathan Cheban, friend of Kim Kardashian, spent the better part of his birthday weekend leaving mean comments on an a fellow food blogger's page, Sophisticated Vegan. The trolling saga has made headlines because of Cheban's incredibly rude, immature, and sexist comments to the complete stranger.
Here's what happened:
Six days ago, The Sophisticated Vegan (Nancy Sidley) left a not-so-nice comment on a photo of Cheban on Instagram, calling him a "fur hag" because he, along with the Kardashian fam, is a consumer of real fur. In retaliation, Cheban started perusing Sidley's page and leaving disrespectful comments on her pictures, which she preserved via screenshots below. His ruthless body-shaming is so gross.
Then, a few days after that, social media caught wind of the garbage comments Cheban was taking the time to leave on the blogger's page. He responded to one such tweet by claiming that Sidley was thrilled to get attention over the insults he virtually spewed at her. (Which, yes please, Cheban. PLEASE mansplain why a woman is UPSET THAT YOU REPEATEDLY MADE FUN OF HER APPEARANCE.)
Anyways — things just kept getting more viral, especially after ONTD shared the story, via Roast Kardashian Instagram. Meanwhile, Cheban continued to upload pictures of himself posing with various items of food.

Happy Foodgōd in Paris

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Good morning Paris

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Then, on February 20, The Daily Mail picked it up, because Cheban is definitely more famous in England than he is here. The site unhelpfully claimed that Cheban has had rhinoplasty surgery and even shared an unrecognizable old picture of the former PR worker when he was in high school in New Jersey. He also made his Instagram private during this time. Why? Because he, in a twist of events, tried to become the victim by saying HE was the one getting trolled. Really, dude? You were getting trolled because of what you said! Sigh.
So, fast-forward to today, February 21 — the blessed day Cheban was born, 43 years ago. He unblocked his Instagram, surely to ensure his fans could wish him a happy birthday.

Foodgōd Birthday afternoon..lots of eating ahead ?

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As of yet, Foodgōd has not offered an apology to The Sophisticated Vegan, because he is doing birthday things. But he probably never, ever will. She will just remain blocked from his life, because that's just what he does.
(Yes, I am also blocked by him. No, I never fur-shamed him.)

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