People Are Tweeting The Hilarious Things They Say After Sex

For some of us, Twitter is a place for voicing our thoughts and feelings about current events. And for some of us, it's a place for divulging our innermost secrets. (Though the two are not mutually exclusive, of course.) And with the hashtag #ThingsISayAfterSex, Twitter is having a field day coming up with their best post-coital pillow talk.
Though it's unclear who started the hashtag, it began trending on Tuesday morning and afternoon as thousands tweeted, well, things they say after sex.
Some people were pretty literal:
Others needed no words:
Some had pretty impeccable manners:
Some were brutally honest:
And some innovative people even found ways to leverage the situation for their own self-promotion. (Because the hustle never stops, clearly.)
Sure, these probably aren't exactly the things people are saying after sex, but the half the fun is coming up with the things you'd say if there were no holds barred.

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