Can You Guess Which Bachelor Contestant Nick Viall Disliked Immediately?

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC.
First impressions are everything. That old saying applies in particular when it comes to The Bachelor (and every other dating show to ever grace our small screens). It seems our Bachelor became immediately annoyed by one contestant, on the first night of the show.
Just who was the dame of disdain in question you ask? None other than Liz Sandoz of course. You may remember, the first episode of the Bachelor rolled out with a little controversy. Viall previously hooked up with Sandoz after meeting her at a friend’s wedding. Sandoz apparently declined to give Viall her contact info afterward.
Though that was all fine and dandy according to Viall. The problem was that Sandoz gave the impression that Viall didn’t remember her.
"She walks in, and then they cut to her interview or testimonial, and she talks about how, while I did recognize her, she was under the impression that I did not, and the subsequently she thought that was cool," he said in an interview with People.
Which in his defense, that impression would certainly bring his character further into question.
"…If she thought I didn’t remember her...If I were her would be like, ‘Well, clearly we didn’t have a big connection. And so the reasons why I showed up don’t apply anymore,'" he said.
"And so that was a strange thing. It certainly made me glad that I made the decision that I did. It rubbed me the wrong way because it sounded a bit game-y to me. I know she was in a tough spot, but it just threw me off."
So the takeaway here is, let's maybe not assume the worst about someone off the bat next time Liz. Okay?

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