The Smartest Signs From The #StandUpForScience Protest

If nothing else, 2017 has been one hell of a good year for protests. From the Women's March to the fight against the Muslim ban to everyone who bravely stood with Planned Parenthood, Americans are not taking recent political disasters lightly. And today's #StandUpForScience rally is no exception.
The Boston Globe reports that hundreds assembled in Copley Square to fight for the validity of science in today's world of "alternative facts." Rally participants ranged from Harvard and MIT professors to biomedical engineers to middle school teachers. One uniting factor: Their protest signs were pretty stellar.
One father-daughter pair, Glen McDonald and Lyra Ericson, carried corresponding signs that read "Think" and "Earth - Science = Death." Brutal, but true.
“Without science there’s no America,” McDonald told the Globe. “Without science we don’t have anything.”
Before the protest, climate scientist and rally speaker Astrid Caldas explained that everyone benefits from science; it's the opposite of elitism. “I hope to make the point that scientific facts are not replaceable,” Caldas added. “Scientific facts are scientific facts, they are not alternative facts.”
Science is indeed here for the masses — and as today's rally shows, it seems that the masses are showing up to support science, too. Check out some of those folks' smartest protest signs below.

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