Donald Trump Is Really Not Going To Like This New Meme

Donald Trump is quickly becoming the source of some of the greatest memes the Internet has ever seen. In February alone, there have been imaginative executive orders and creative takes on "fine-tuned machines." Now, let us present you with the latest, courtesy of Reddit: Tiny Trump. Tiny Trump is a doll-sized version of the Trump you know, Photoshopped in various scenarios. Where real-life Trump once stood, Tiny Trump is now there in his stead. For example, Tiny Trump plays a beloved Trump pastime, golf.
He takes meetings with fellow world leaders, including Justin Trudeau.
He goes for walks with his daughter, Ivanka Trump.
Some redditors are critical of others' photoshopped creations, noting of the last one that "you can see some floating Trump hair at his original position" and that he is "not tiny enough!" For those who know their memes well, you'll recognize that Tiny Trump is a much-exaggerated version of the tiny hands memes that conquered the Internet during the election. According to Know Your Meme, the now widespread references to Trump's supposedly small hands originated in a 1988 article in Spy Magazine. In the piece, current Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, called Trump a "short-fingered vulgarian." Will Trump take to Twitter to condemn Reddit in the same way he lashed out at Nordstrom for its slight of Ivanka? Maybe. But that would probably only lead to another meme.

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