Issue Your Own Executive Orders With This “Illegal” GIF-Maker

After President Trump made it illegal to enter the U.S. from seven Muslim countries, people are having fun imagining what he could prohibit next. Ivan Seidel, Bruno Lemos, and João Pedro's site helps you create GIFs of Trump presenting orders forbidding whatever you want, New York Magazine reports. You just type in what you want the document to say, click "illegalize," and get a shareable image of a triumphant Trump declaring it forbidden. Whatever you choose to ban shows up in big letters with his signature underneath. The tool's Github page calls it "a NERD protest against Trump's Immigration ban."
Twitter users are sharing their GIFs, and some are way too real.
Others don't sound like such a bad idea at all.
If you're looking for another way to find comic relief in Trump's executive orders, the Twitter account Trump Draws shows cartoons that look like they were doodled by children on the documents. There's also a more sophisticated executive order generator on Github that'll let you issue statements like this.

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