A Man Tried To Sneak $67K Of Cocaine Through The Airport Using His Sneakers

A man tried to smuggle $67,000 worth of cocaine past U.S. Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) agents at JFK airport last week —and failed. Amaziah Hohenkirk, a Guyanese citizen, tried to hide a white powder substance that tested positive for cocaine underneath the soles of about six pairs of his own shoes, per a press release from the CBP. After investigating the photos, we can confirm that not a single pair of Filas or Yeezys was harmed in the thwarted smuggling process.
Photo: Courtesy of U.S. Customs & Border Protection.
The seized cocaine weighed in at approximately four pounds, which translates to a street value of about $67,000. “This latest seizure demonstrates the vigilance of our CBP officers, and their excellence in detecting those who would try to smuggle these illegal substances,” Robert E. Perez, CBP's director of field operations, said in the release. The shoes that were confiscated included a pair of Nikes, some Skechers, and a good ol' fashioned pair of Clarks. Hohenkirk was arrested on federal narcotic smuggling charges, and will be prosecuted in a New York court. Hey, we've never thought to hide drugs in our favorite footwear, nor do we condone trying this at any point in your life, ever. We wonder what shoe-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw would quip about this situation, (although we're sure her small-screen PR pal Samantha Jones probably has the perfect statement prepped already).
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