Krysten Ritter Proves She's The Coolest By Penning A Novel

Photo: Joanne Davidson/Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock.
Make some room on your bookshelf — er, get your Kindle ready. Jessica Jones star and all-around badass Krysten Ritter found some time between filming The Defenders and putting out a DIY scarf kit to write her first novel.

Entertainment Weekly
reports that Ritter's debut book, titled Bonfire, will be a psychological thriller. She describes the writing process as akin to researching a character for a role, calling it a chance to "explore a character journey."

"As a huge fan of psychological suspense novels, I was so thrilled to take on the challenge of writing my first book," Ritter said in a statement. "This was an exciting opportunity for me to explore a character journey and really get inside the head of my protagonist, a process that has a lot in common with how I prepare to play a role."

Bonfire centers around Abby, an environmental lawyer who goes back to her small town to investigate a company that's dumping toxic chemicals and putting the water supply at risk. While she's delving into corporate corruption, "an even darker secret about the town" emerges and Abby has to confront a missing persons case and her old high school bully. Someone's up to no good and Abby doesn't take it lightly.

We'll be counting the days until its release on November 7 and waiting for news on when it'll get adapted into its own Netflix series. Which seems inevitable.

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