Samantha Bee: House Speaker Paul Ryan Is The “Taylor Swift” Of The GOP

Photo: Courtesy of TBS.
Comedian Samantha Bee took a break from roasting President Trump's policies during last night's episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Instead, she focused her energies on Trump's "faithful husky," House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin representative has been called "the conscience" of the Republican party, the "heart and soul" of the GOP, and the party's "intellectual leader." But Bee is having none of that. "In today’s Republican party, that’s kind of like saying Moe is the smart Stooge," she said. "And also, just because you say it over and over again, that doesn't make it a thing." Instead, Bee focused on Ryan's big shift on everything related to Trump in a segment called Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage.

Last year, the speaker went from saying he wasn't ready to support Trump, to penning an op-ed endorsing the then-presidential candidate, to defending Trump's policies, and then sort-of distancing himself when the whole Access Hollywood mess happened. "Ryan spent the rest of the summer feebly condemning every racist thing Trump did or said while refusing to condemn Trump himself," Bee explained. "Watching Ryan play moral watchdog was like watching Taylor Swift pretend to be surprised at an awards show — bland and fake, but weirdly compelling." She went even further to point out that Ryan may not be a man of principles, in plural, because he is man of principle, "just one." Cue a Meet The Press interview from last June. "The last thing I want to see happen is another Democrat in the White House. I don't want to see Hillary Clinton as president. I want to see a strong majority in the House and the Senate," Ryan told host Chuck Todd. "You just made the case of party over country," Todd replied. Bee agrees with Todd's assertion. "Paul Ryan would put Cthulhu in the White House if it would let him privatize Medicare," she said. "I mean, sure. It's an eldritch creature of infinite darkness, but it can sign 20 tax cut bills at once! And that is worth ditching a lot of principles." Case in point? Eight months ago, the speaker condemned the idea of a Muslim ban. Today, with Trump as president? Not so much.

But why should anyone care what Ryan does or doesn't do in relation to the president? Well, if Trump was ever to be impeached, guess who would have to draw up those articles at the House level? Yep, you guessed it: Speaker Paul Ryan. "Stand out of groping range, everyone," Bee said. "It's going to be a long four years." Watch the segment below.

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