Here's What Kendall Jenner Is Thinking When She's Walking Down The Runway

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images.
Kendall Jenner paid a trip to The Tonight Show last night to talk about Fashion Week, her latest Vogue cover, and life as a model. Of course, it's always interesting to learn about the experiences celebrity offspring models have versus those who really had to hustle their way out of obscurity, but to be honest, we couldn't take our eyes off of Jenner's look for her appearance on the late night show. The model wore a vintage Chanel two-piece suit with '90s-style choker accessories (no surprise there), paired with a shimmering lob that made the moment more Anna Wintour than Claudia Schiffer.

During their chat, Jimmy Fallon asked the million-dollar question: Does she look at the audience when she's walking the runway? No way. "I've told myself since my first show to never look at the audience, ever. If I do, it'll mess me up. It's like being on stage, I guess, if you're a theater actor," Jenner said. "But Kylie — sometimes, when she's at a show, and my mom [too], usually — I can hear them screaming. I'll smirk a little bit because sometimes I can't hold it in. But I never look."

Upon entering and exiting the studio, Jenner threw an oversized, white fur coat over her sorta-corporate look (which felt very Wintour, too). The Vogue editor-in-chief has quite the collection of similar furs and Chanel power suits that she wears on the daily. Jenner has walked more shows than we can count this season, and in the spot below, you'll hear what else she's been up to when she isn't on the runway or hanging out backstage with pals Bella and Gigi Hadid. And if you really want to see the Chanel suit in action, be sure to watch her play charades with Fallon and guest Charlie Day, too. You won't want to miss it.

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