Why You Should Get Into Bridal Beauty, Even If You’re Single AF

Photographed by Kimberly Genevieve.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Parks and Recreation, it’s that there’s no reason you should need a significant other to go all-out for Valentine’s Day. We’d like to extend that kind of open-minded approach to wedding traditions. Because why not? The perks of marriage shouldn’t be limited to a union between two individuals — as proven by the growing number of people who have wed themselves.
The advantage, of course, is that you get to pick and choose which traditions you want to engage in. And if you want to leave out that whole marriage part entirely and just treat yourself to a bridal beauty experience instead, then have at it.
And believe it or not, there’s a way to give yourself a big day that doesn’t involve burning a wedding-sized hole in your pocket. In fact, we’ve rounded up eight different kits that’ll help you get the most bang for your beauty buck. So much cheaper than a Vera Wang dress.

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