The Best & Brightest Internet Reactions To Last Night's Episode Of The Bachelor

Last night's episode of The Bachelor wasn't a terribly exciting one, probably because it was overshadowed by the announcement that Rachel Lindsay would be America's first Black Bachelorette. (After over 30 seasons of Bachelor nation, it's about damn time.) As the world turned towards Lindsay, Nick Viall faded into the background. The guy still has a proposal to do, but his tears seem insignificant now that we know who's headed for The Bachelorette.

Nevertheless, the internet persists. The show may not be all that interesting anymore, but my Twitter feed is still sparkling with Bachelor commentary. There's something about the ABC reality show that really brings out the best of Twitter, Instagram, and the like. ("The like" being texts from my friends and coworkers.)

The overwhelming opinion seems to be that Viall is the least appealing part of the show these days. Last night, he sent home Kristina and Danielle M., two fan favorites. The Twitter 'verse was not pleased with Viall's decision, especially because our lady Corinne is still in the competition. Corrine, the season's dedicated villain, should have been gone a while ago, based on the show's history, but somehow she's still around. What gives? (Viall gives, apparently — he gives roses to Corinne.)

Ahead, find the peanut gallery reactions that caught our attention this week. Some poo-poo Viall, some ignore him, and others just really want to meet Corinne's nanny.

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