Genius Photoshops Gold CeeLo Into Donald Trump’s Apartments

CeeLo Green's instantly iconic outfit has already spawned a series of killer tweets and memes. But we had to single this one out for you because, as the genius creator put it, "holy shit." Jesse McLaren of Buzzfeed took CeeLo's gold-plated visage and dropped it into President Trump's apartments and family photos. And, good lord, look at it. It's genius.
In a way, CeeLo makes these photos make more sense. Wouldn't you kind of expect Donald Trump to have a Bond-villainesque golden robot around to intimidate intruders? Hell, he'd probably gold plate his family if he thought he could get away with it. You know that doctor of his has had to field a phone call or two about that idea. Also worth noting: CeeLo painted entirely gold is the least frightening thing about that photo where Barron is riding a fake lion. Like, if you walked into a party and saw that scene, you would walk up to golden CeeLo and be like, "These people are a little much, huh?" And he'd be like, "I'm a noted musical genius, how did I get here?"

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