United Airlines Pilot Scares Passengers Off Plane With Strange Rant

Flights from hell typically involve screaming infants, manspreading seatmates and other obnoxious moments. But passengers on one United Airlines flight Saturday learned an entirely new meaning to the phrase. Their pilot boarded the plane wearing street clothes and then proceeded to rant about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and getting divorced over the loudspeaker. Passenger Randy Reiss live tweeted the entire experience. The unnamed pilot made passengers nervous when she called attention to the fact that she wasn’t in uniform. “She got on in street clothes and asked if we were ok with her flying like that,” Reiss tweeted. “We all said okay. Cute, right?”
The pilot excused her unprofessional clothing on her divorce, and decided to get political for a moment. She said she didn’t care whether passengers had voted for Trump or Clinton because, according to her, “They’re both assholes.” Reiss became concerned enough to deplane and he wasn’t alone. Over half the flight left.
The airline removed her shortly thereafter, but as she deplaned she had one last encounter with Reiss. In tears, she apologized and gave him a hug. But even she knew their time together was the stuff of legend. “We should be on a show together,” she reportedly told him. “We should write a book.”
At least she's preserving that friendly skies thing. Kinda.

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