We Bet You Can Guess When Anastasia’s New Kiss-Proof Lipsticks Are Launching

When it comes to the liquid lipstick game, it's hard to beat Anastasia Beverly Hills. Because unlike the moisture-sucking fluid formulas of years' past, this brand's iterations not only feel comfortable, but seriously deliver in the pigment and texture departments. And they last forever (aka five hours or so). Unless you've been living out your own version of The Truman Show, blissfully unaware of the current date and president (you don't wanna know), you realize we're hot on the heels of the day on which kiss-proof lipstick is especially important. That's why the launch of Anastasia's latest lip shades couldn't have come at a better time.

The company is introducing six creamy, colorful liquids to the lineup on February 14, and some of them might surprise you. Of course, you've got your ride-or-die neutral hues, like mauve and brick red. But then there are two that are sure to take you out of your comfort zone: Requiem, a metallic teal, and Clover, a grayish-lavender. Check out the swatches, below.
Courtesy of brand.
Each of the colors will be available for $20 a piece on the brand's website. And if that seems like a hefty price to pay in addition to all the other V-Day goodies you'll be gifting yourself, just remember: You're not actually living in a pleasant, problem-free town on a Hollywood lot, so you deserve all the treats to keep morale up.

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