JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Reveal When They’re Getting Married

Photo: Brian To/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
It's been a while since JoJo Fletcher gave Jordan Rodgers her final rose on The Bachelorette. In reality TV time, it's basically been eons. Since the season finale, everyone's wondered when the two would actually tie the knot. After all, viewers need a little bit of closure after watching Rodgers woo Fletcher and overcome everything that Evil Chad tossed his way. During an appearance on Access Hollywood, Fletcher revealed some big news about when she'd take that walk down the aisle. "We're just enjoying this time. We're taking it slow," Fletcher told the show's hosts. "We're still having fun. We want to enjoy that, so we're enjoying it." So between group dates, rose ceremonies, ensuing Chipotle visits, onesie-clad holidays, and the two are still getting to know each other and haven't set a concrete date just yet. But don't fret, because when they do reach the marriage milestone, Us Weekly reports that Fletcher says a TV wedding isn't completely out of the picture. "It’s not a bad idea," she said. For now, the couple is basking in their new Dallas life. Rodgers moved to the Lone Star State after his appearance on the show. "It's amazing. It's fun. We finally have the whole house furnished, so we’re not sitting on the floor anymore," Fletcher said. "He has his work that he does; I have mine. We have this great balance, but life's fun. It's really good. It's great!" Fletcher also adds that the Rodgers that we all saw on TV isn't exactly who she's living with. To her, he's not a contestant anymore. He's just a chill guy that happened to fall in love with her on a reality show. Just how chill? He and Fletcher might not have a date picked, but they have them menu all set. If everything goes as planned, there's going to be a burrito bar on the big day. "He’s just so much more fun and goofy and silly 'cause when you're on that show, everything's so tense," she explained. "You’re here for one reason. So it's a lot more relaxed."

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