Evil Chad Spent His Birthday Sending Mean Tweets

Today, August 11, is Chad Johnson's birthday. He is now 29 years old — an adult in every sense of the word. Well, almost.
Screenshot via Twitter.
You see, Evil Chad of Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise infamy, is another year older yet apparently none the wiser, as he spent his birthday sending rude, crude, and immature tweets to fans.

How fun!

It all started with a few tweets he basically sent to himself.
And then one fan, a Twitter user named Emily Smith, wrote, "You need to take a chill pill!! But anyways happy birthday crazy @realchadjohnson." A fairly nice message, wouldn't you say?

Evil Chad did not agree, and used this as an opportunity to flex his muscles as an internet troll. He responded to Smith by saying, "You need to take a fuck off pill to Fuckiddy Off Land. #GETCHASOME."
Next, Twitter user Jerseygirl75 asked him why he is always so angry, and encouraged him to enjoy his life. To which he responded, "Cuz make money- fuck bitches and fuckin destroy anyone who tries to stop you from doing either one #SoMurdery."
Screenshot via Twitter.
Then, Twitter user Sierra said she was embarrassed to live in the same state as him, for obvious reasons. Chad's response? "I'm ashamed to live in a state w/ someone who thinks dat nose ring and body fat percentage makes u sexy. #GETCHASOME."
Screenshot via Twitter.
So, lesson learned. Do not tweet at Chad Johnson because he will be an asshole to you. After all, he has an image to uphold.
I would wish him a "happy" birthday myself, but I'm scared.

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