Our Theory: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Are The IRL La La Land

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It was another day of sun in the city of stars. When a boy met a girl. The year was 2010. The venue? An audition for The Amazing Spider-man. Our protagonists, of course, are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Ever since the two called it quits in 2015, fans have been clamoring for their reunion. After all, it's Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. They're endgame — right? If those two can't make it, then what chance do we have? I thought like that too. Until I saw La La Land. Suddenly, it all became so clear — of course! Those two are just Seb and Mia. They are both artists destined for each other, but taking a break to get down to the business of becoming major stars. Sure, they're not together now, but their love is true. Who knows what will happen? If this all seems like a stretch, I hear you. But just think about it. Just like Emma's and Ryan Gosling's characters in the Oscar-nominated musical, Emma and Andrew had their meet cute. This is what Andrew had to say about it in Teen Vogue: "It was like I woke up when she came in... It was like diving into whitewater rapids and having no desire to hang onto the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting." Not to mention that it took some time for the couple to actually get together because they were both in relationships with other people. Sound familiar? If so, that's because you're probably hearing the first bars of Ryan Gosling's sad piano song as it plays through a restaurant speaker. And then, there's their actual love story. By 2011, rumors were swirling about their chemistry. They shared private jokes at press junkets; took long walks in New York, and presented at the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. By 2012, when The Amazing Spider-Man was released, they were official. And they just got cuter. They brunched together, wore signs educating people about their favorite charities together, and then filmed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 together. So it went, for four happy years.
And then came the blow: The two had broken up. At first, it wasn't clear. Were they getting back together? Was this dream relationship over for good? Alas, Emma and Andrew were done. But you know what? I still have hope. Because it's been two years, and those two are both nominated for Oscars (he for Best Actor in Hacksaw Ridge, she for Best Actress in La La Land). They've made it. They're ready. And if this hug at the 2017 BAFTAs after party tells me anything, it's that those two are meant to be — even if it takes them a while to see it. Here's to the ones who dream.

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