All The Style Moves That Will Get You Closer To Emma Roberts’ Wardrobe

Photo: Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan/Getty.
If you quickly sift through batches of Emma Roberts street-style photos (as we find ourselves doing all too frequently), a few very specific trends become immediately apparent. For instance: Did you realize she has a penchant for small bags with top handles? Have you ever noticed she tends to prefer her sleeves long, even if her shoulders are exposed? Plus, did you catch how she likes her skirts short, her denim frayed at the edges, and her sunglasses cat-eyed? When we say we pay attention to Roberts' style, we really mean it. (Shoutout to Brit and Kara Elkin, her stylists, for the on-point outfit inspiration and phenomenal Instagram presence.)
Basically, the Scream Queens star is at the very top of celebrities-we-wish-we-could-borrow-clothes-from list. (Hello, have you seen her velvet shoe collection?). So, we decided to outline the most obvious trends that seem to dominate her wardrobe. You'll see a few pieces, brands, and even poses that crop up time and time again — further proof that Roberts' style choices never get old. Ahead, take a look at some brilliant styling tricks you pick up from the actress.

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