We Almost Can't Believe These 15 Vending Machines Are Real

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Apparently the modern vending machines first appeared in the 1880's. (I know this because Wikipedia just told me.) Since then, they have been dispensing snack cakes and candies and chips to hungry people on the go. But, these days, vending machines have gone way beyond just Gardettos and Coke Zero. In fact, if you're really rolling in dough, you might even be able to pick up some caviar.
From pecan pies to champagne, here are the 14 craziest vending machines we (almost) can't believe are real.
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What: Ramen
Where: Asia and San Francisco

Yo-Kai Express was the first ramen vending machine to pop in the United States, but according to Tasting Table, its creator Andy Lin was inspired to make it by the fact that they are already all over Asia. Yo-Kai Express makes a variety of different ramen dishes in just 45 second, each one costing around $11. As of right now, this particular ramen vending machine only exists in San Francisco, however, Tasting Table recently reported that Lin plans to bring Yo-Kai Express to Chicago, Austin, Boston, Miami, and Seattle in the near future.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dentsu.
What: Lettuce
Where: Japan

Back in 2010, Japanese company Dentsu created a vending machine that can grow lettuce without direct sunlight. Seven years later, we're still waiting for our own version stateside.
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Photo: Courtesy of Frontgate.
What: Jelly Beans
Where: U.S.A.

Got $9,995 to spare? (Shipping and handling not included.) This vending machine could be yours.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gold to go.
What: Gold
Where: Worldwide

Ever on the go and realize you left your gold bar at home? You can pick one up at one of the thirteen Gold to go vending machines around the world, including three in the U.S.
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Photo: via @alohacco_,
What: Cupcakes
Where: U.S.A.

Sprinkles has 14 cupcakes ATMs satisfying sweat teeth across the country.
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Photo: Courtesy of Beverly Hills Caviar.
What: Caviar
Where: Beverly Hills

We're honestly not sure what is more ridiculous — a caviar vending machine or a gold one.
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What: Champagne
Where: Vegas

To get a mini bottle of Moet at this fancy-shmancy vending machine, you have to first purchase a gold token for $20 at the hotel's front desk.
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What: Baguettes
Where: San Francisco

We were skeptical of a fresh bread vending machine — but the original design of the Le Bread Xpress is French.
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Photo: Courtesy of Berdoll Pecan.
What: Pecans
Where: Cedar Creek, TX

Just like the side of the vending machine promises, if you stop by the Berdoll family farm, you can buy pecans, chocolate-covered pecans, and even pecan pie, no matter what time of day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Let's Pizza.
What: Fresh Pizza
Where: Italy and the U.K.

Let's Pizza's machines actually makes pizza on demand — in just 2 1/2 minutes. You can choose Margherita, pepperoni, ham, or bacon for toppings.
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Photo: Courtesy of BurritoBox.
What: Burritos
Where: U.S.A.

There are 28 of these in the U.S. currently, yet none of them are installed in our office. But we can dream...
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What: French fries
Where: Russia

There are actually several french fry vending machine varieties around the world, but we find the video for this Russian one the most enticing.
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What: Hotdogs
Where: U.S.A.

LHD Vending Systems, located in Maryland, sells this device, which also has the ability to cook "hotdogs, bratwurst, sausages and other cylinder shaped foods in a minute or less."
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What: Mashed Potatoes
Where: Singapore

While not a vending machine per se (you don't have to put in money to get potatoes), we are including it for being one of the most disturbing things we've ever seen. Watch to the end to see the gravy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Live Bait Vending.
What: Frozen bait
Where: U.S.A.

"Night fishing" sounds like a euphemism...But if you genuinely need to bait a hook after hours, look for one of these vending machines. They can dispense everything from chicken necks to whole mullet.

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