Would You Eat Oysters From A Vending Machine?

Photo: Getty Images.
Gone are the days when vending machines were simply for soda and candy. It is 2017, people are inventing vending machines for just about everything. A seafood vendor on Ile de Re, an island off the west coast of France, created an oyster vending machine to better serve their customers, Eater reports.
A German video news agency, Ruptly, checked out the vending machine for themselves and spoke with Tony Berthelot, the owner of the store, who explained what inspired the addition. "People always arrive when the shop door is closed, which is frustrating for customers and for us... So we looked at the systems, we looked at what was being done in agriculture, because there are many distributors in the countryside. We contacted a manufacturer who responded and who fitted a machine for oysters since it is a particular product that is not very restrictive but requires some adjustments."
The vending machine serves fresh oysters 24 hours a day. Mollusk connoisseurs can even order the oysters in advance by text! We live in the future. All of the oysters come closed though, so there is a little work involved after you purchase them. Provided the store is open when the order is placed, customers can alter their orders with special requests like seaweed. Otherwise, you can keep your order unaltered and pick up oysters whenever you wish. The prices are inexpensive as well — a dozen oysters will cost you around $8.
Berthelot explained to Ruptly that the vending machine allows for some flexibility in their schedule, citing daily tide variations as part of what contributes to their sometimes restrictive store hours.
Now, if only all the unique vending machines were all in one place; you could get oysters, champagne, and cupcakes and have the perfect vending machine picnic.

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