This Kid Just Came Up With The Best Solution To Snacking At School

Photo: Lartal/Getty Images.
Say what your will about kids these days, there's no denying they're smart. Being around technology since birth may not have done much for their attention spans, but it has made them able to think outside the box and eager to create new things. Case in point, a high school kid, known on Imgur as mistablik1, recently installed a vending machine, which he constructed himself, inside his school locker.
Yesterday, the kid posted a GIF of his genius invention in action, along with photos of his construction and installation process. In his post, he explained why he decided to transform his locker into a snack dispenser, writing, "Lockers just aren't what they used to be. With so many schools moving to electronic devices for books, lockers become less of a space for your books, and more of a question of: 'What am I going to do with this?'" It looks like mistablik1 came up with an excellent answer to that question. He and his classmates can now get cans of soda whenever they want, and he can make a little extra pocket change. Oh, and he also used his invention for a very special PROMposal.
Commenters were understandably impressed with the high schooler's inventive idea, and many bemoaned the fact that they hadn't had one of these in their schools growing up. Martyr_McFly commented, "Things have changed a lot since my days of selling War Heads and Cry Babies out of my backpack."
Though many of us will never get an opportunity to use the machine because our high school days are behind us, the inventor was nice enough to share step by step instructions on for how to make your own. That way, if any other kids want to bring the invention to their lockers, they can. Well, that is if they have a laser cutter and know how to wire a 12-volt DC power adapter. That's right kids, easy snacking is just 16 extremely complicated steps away.

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