You Don’t Know Good Hair Until You’ve Seen Jillian Hervey

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When it comes to performing on stage, you'll often see musicians with pulled-back ponytails or braids to keep it off their faces — but not Jillian Hervey. The lead singer of music group Lion Babe and daughter of Vanessa Williams is all about showing off her voluminous hair. In fact, it's rare to see her without her signature, larger-than-life style. But Hervery wasn't always comfortable with her natural texture. Now, as one of the new faces of Pantene's reformulated shampoo collection (and new single "Rockets" on the dock as of this week), she's opening on how she finally learned to love the hair she has, some of the biggest beauty mistakes she made along the way, and the products she swears by to this day. How much has your hair evolved through the years?
So much. You know, 10 years ago my hair was just my natural brown; I was wearing it straight, and I was wearing extensions or weaves. I just didnt know what to do with it. I think as soon as I made the choice to embrace my own texture, it all started to transform and then I felt more open to playing with color, texture, length — just everything. I am always changing. But I also think [back to] the college years, in New York City, downtown, walking out on the street, seeing everyone do their thing, I just thought, I want to do my thing. So here’s my thing. How old were you when you went natural with your hair?
I went natural at 20-years-old. Did you have any tough lessons growing up with natural hair?
I think it was about having a lack of representation around me. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, and that wasn’t a bad thing. But it was me going to sleepovers to see my friends and they all wanted to come play with my hair and make it look like the Statue of Liberty or something. Its funny, but then you’re kind of thinking, This doesn’t feel right. I dont understand it. I think now people are so much more candid about those experiences, which is great. It was trial and error. It was just being a young girl and fitting in with all your friends; I wanted to be able to go swimming or put it in a ponytail and call it a day.

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Do you have any beauty mistakes you made at a young age that you try to avoid now?
I went through a lot of style mistakes and phases where I’m sure I didn’t know what I was doing. I think I was trying to protect my hair by getting extensions and not having to deal with [my natural texture]. Even then, I was dancing a lot and [extensions] were a way of making it easier. I wish I had gone natural earlier; that I could've owned that earlier in high school. Sometimes you just have to try it all.

What's your go-to workout hair routine?
It varies. I think growing up, I didn't like having to always wear my hair up for dance class, so now I wear my hair down when I'm dancing — I love that. I love dancing and being able to feel it move. But you can't go wrong if you’re wearing a braid with non-rubber elastics. [Rubber elastics] can really do damage. People think it's convenient, but if you’re sweating and it’s pulling your hair, it can cause breakage. I sweat a lot, which is totally fine, so after a workout I like to make sure I can wash my hair fully. I use the Pantene Radiant Color Shine shampoo and conditioner. It's the only kind I use, especially because I color my hair. The combination of not wanting my hair to dull and not wanting it to get dry used to keep me away from shampoo, but now I’m kind of into it.
Are you a fan of working out while using a hair treatment?
I actually have not done that yet. But I’m sure you can! Even the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Renewal Deep Conditioner is the one I use at night. When I was on tour and would shower, I would fall asleep with it in, and then wake up the next day and could use it almost like a gel. How much does your hairstyle change depending on what your plans are?
It's all about comfort for me. For me, wearing tons of hair on stage is super comfortable — that’s how I feel my best. At home, I might want to wear my hair down or in a high bun. It varies on the occassion. I just go with the flow.

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