This 2009 Super Bowl Photo Makes Us Miss President Obama

Ever since President Obama stepped down from office just over two weeks ago, we've been having, well...withdrawal. (Which, to be honest, has been pretty apparent in our coverage.) So when a photo of POTUS 44 watching his first Super Bowl as president began circulating yesterday, we sort of lost it for a second. Just. Look. At. Him.
Photo: Pete Souza/White House/Getty Images.
The photo was captured by former White House photographer Pete Souza. That year, the Pittsburgh Steelers — Obama's favorite team after the Chicago Bears — played against the Arizona Cardinals. And man, you can just see the tension in the president's face and hear the, "Come on, come on, come on!" Ugh, we miss you Obama. And judging by how much this photo was shared, we're not the only ones. Of course, after the throwback pic made the rounds, it was inevitably compared to a photo of the somewhat less intimate Mar-a-Lago viewing party that President Trump hosted last night.
But we're not focusing on that. Instead, we're letting you in on a little secret: Having the leader of the free world rooting for you apparently helps your chances of winning. In both 2009 and 2017, the presidents' preferred teams were victorious. Now, if only the Bears could win their first championship in over 30 years and make Obama go wild. There's a photo we would want to see.

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