More Athletic Brands Are Responding To The Immigration Ban

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Right on the heels of Nike's spot-on letter condemning President Trump's executive order on immigration, another prominent athletic-apparel brand has joined the fray. Asics posted on social media this week to establish the brand's position in support of inclusivity. The posts are subtle digs against the harmful agenda of American isolation and wall-building that Trump is trying to push. "ASICS remains steadfast in our belief that diversity in all its forms makes us better colleagues and a better company," the brand said on Instagram this week. It also added an apt, simple sports metaphor that pretty well sums up the hypocrisy of Trump's recent ban: "We do not judge someone if their run is fast or slow or if their workout is hard or easy, and we certainly will not judge anyone by where they are born or how they worship."

Together, we are stronger. #ASICS

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Pretty deep, for a sneaker company. The brand echoed the sentiment on Twitter.
Hear that, Trump administration? It's about this thing called diversity — something for which America is actually pretty well-known. But it's also about getting your story straight. Celebrating a country that was made great by immigrants and then turning around and barring immigrants from that country is...not getting your story straight.

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